Meeting 2013-12-12

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1 Review and accept Minutes

Ray, Leonardo M
2 Chair's Announcements 
* Introductions: Colleen Nagy, Ramya Ramadurai
* FSCICT meeting schedule for Spring 2014
* Contact Deans, etc... regarding projects they would like to propose, electronic signatures
SOM says:
1. Ensure projects that went to the CWRU Executive Committee last year get funded first (i.e. Clinical Informatics, FISMA and ARC/IACUC). Those are still our highest priorities and we want to ensure those are addressed first before considering other items.
2. Billing and tracking software for core operations. Cores across the University should utilize a common platform for such activities. Will gain economies of scale, efficiency and consistency.
3. Space Management System – Co-sponsored with Steve Campbell in UGEN. One of the finalists from last year and still in need
4. The SOM would support a “cloud” computing storage option if it is economically better than current methods, HIPAA/FISMA compliant for research data, same or better redundancy, and adequate bandwidth to transmit/extract the data that satisfies users.


Other committees - status updates
        Advisory Committee on Research Computing
        Information Technology Services Planning and Advisory Committee (ITSPAC)
        Priorities Review Board
        Council of Technology Officers
        ITSPAC Security & Policy Subcommittee

Roger B, Mark G
Tom K, Mark H, Mike K
Andrew R, Tom K
Angelina H

4 Old business
    Next steps to make chair of CTOs a voting member - feedback from Exec Com, draft revision to Faculty Senate By-laws, updated CTOs charter 

Ray, Andrew

Network infrastructure at CWRU
Linked background materials are accessible only by CWRU people

Colleen N, Ramya R

Raymond Muzic,
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