Creating a Google Sites Website

posted Aug 27, 2012, 3:56 PM by Raymond Muzic   [ updated Aug 27, 2012, 4:15 PM ]

Starting point:  Open your browser and check your Case (Google Apps) email to confirm you are logged in.

1.       On the page on which you are reading your email, click Sites in the menu across the top 

2.      Click CREATE 

3.      Enter information to create a site for Faculty Senate Committee on X.  Here and elsewhere in these instructions substitute the name or abbreviation for your committee as appropriate.  Leave things with default setting if in doubt.  End by pressing CREATE.  An example screen snapshot is shown here:

4.      Voilà.  You have a new site with a home page.  The homepage's URL will be something like (Again, substitute as appropriate for fscx.)  

5.      Spend a few minutes setting up the home page to your liking using these buttons .  

Use the pen to editing the current page, “+” to create a new page, More for more things, and Share to control who can see and edit pages on your site.  If you don’t see these buttons it could be because you are not logged in.  If this is the case look along the bottom of the screen and click Sign In.  Feel free to try different things.  If you don’t like something you can change it.  Also, within the More menu there is an option to see the history of a page.  From there you can see the different versions of the page and revert to one of them (i.e. undo) if you like.

6.      Set up website permissions to define who can see and who can edit things on your website.  Last year FSCICT decided to make our site public on the web for viewing and allowed people on the committee and a few others to edit the site as well as view it.  This can easily be configured using the Share button.  Global visibility is one setting.  Allowing people edit-access entails is as easy as entering their Case email addresses.

7.      Obtain an easy to remember URL so that one can access the site as (in addition to  To do this, first reserve the name by visiting the ITS Tools page and click Hostname Request.  To request just enter fscx in the box.  Once this is successful, contact the help desk and ask them to map to  If they have any questions tell them to reference ticket 65962 (doing this for FSCICT).