ITS Support for Retired Faculty - Draft Policy

posted Dec 11, 2011, 8:25 AM by Raymond Muzic   [ updated Dec 11, 2011, 8:25 AM ]


Lev Gonick, Vice President, Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer, consulted the Faculty Senate Committee on Information and Communication Technology (FSCICT).  We discussed the matter in two meetings.  Our intent was to recognize the value the university places on faculty with contractual obligations for software and subscriptions while maintaining cyber security.  We also recognized free email accounts are available from more than one source and ITS provides a means for faculty to forward CWRU email to an alternate address so that they can be altered to and receive email from people who attempt to contact them via their CWRU address.

Our recommendation is to provide full ITS support for faculty with emeritus status.  This puts the decision into the hands of faculty and the Provost and respects contractual obligations.  Additionally, the Provost maintains an emeritus faculty list which facilitates account maintenance and security.


Whereas the FSCICT was consulted for advice on ITS policy for retired faculty

Whereas a faculty member that retires (without emeritus status), takes a position elsewhere, or otherwise separates from the university is no longer an employee of the University

Whereas emeritus status connotes continued engagement in the University community

Whereas the decision regarding emeritus status is made by the faculty and Provost

Therefore be it resolved

Faculty members that are granted emeritus status, or judged by the Provost to be rightfully in the process of obtaining this designation, retain the same ITS access to IT support and software as afforded regular full-time faculty.  Faculty who retire or otherwise leave the university are no longer afforded these services but may establish forwarding of their University email to an alternative email provider of their choice.

 Revision to Faculty Handbook

 From Pg 92

(Underline denotes insertion.)

In addition to the privileges associated with retirement, emeritus faculty are generally awarded other perquisites, some of which include free parking when space is available; personal tuition waiver privileges; use of libraries and some other facilities; listing in the university directory; invitation to various faculty functions; access to IT support and software as afforded regular full-time faculty; etc. Office space may be provided depending on the needs of the department or school. Faculty who retire (without emeritus status), take a position elsewhere, or otherwise separated from the university may establish forwarding of their Case email.