Meeting 2011-10-13

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1.    Review and approval of Minutes of 2011-09-15 meeting.
2.    Members & Membership
    a.    Introductions if new people present
    b.    Follow up on invitations to Sorin Teich (Dental Medicine) and Sharona Hoffman (Law).
3.    Security at CWRU (October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month) - Tom Siu  Chief Security Officer
4.    Network, email, and software support for retired faculty & CWRU Policy – Lev Gonick
5.    Notice of FSCICT items posed by FS Chair Gary Chottiner and others
    a.    Internationalization and IT (also involves these committees: FSCUE, GS, Research)
    b.    Email and data security and privacy
    c.    IT budget priorities
    d.    Digital ID and Electronic Signatures
    e.    LMS (Blackboard replacement)
    f.    The Cloud
    g.    Google Apps (email) storage increase
    h.    Purchasing PC’s in SOM
    i.    Network, email, software access for retired faculty
    j.    Review how committee is filled, particularly whether all schools should be represented (also involves Nominating Committee)
    k.    Navigating to the faculty senate (and other governance bodies and leadership posts) web pages via the university’s home page.
6.    Updates from Advisory Committee on Research Computing – Roger Bielefeld
7.    ITSPAC 2011-10-12 - Roger Bielefeld, Lev Gonick, Ray Muzic
8.    Strategic Planning Working Group: Supporting Leading Edge Interdisciplinary Research - Roger Bielefeld, Ray Muzic
9.    Announcements for the FS Newsletter
10.    New Business – additions by committee members

Guest invitations: 
Lynn Singer (Helen Day) - Deputy Provost
Carolyn Gregory -  VP for Human Resources
Mark Henderson - VP ITS
Tom Siu - Chief Security Officer
J. Thomas Mortimer - Prof. Emeritus, BME

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