Meeting 2012-09-25

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Website Word read; FSICT and few others have can write and edit.
FS websites: (main) (working documents, only available to senators)

3 Logistics - Confirm meeting schedule (The Matrix); materials distributed electronically. I recommend that you bring a laptop or tablet. Taking Minutes (please volunteer). Suggesting topics, agenda items, addressing concerns.

4 Role of FSCICT (including charge to the committee), drafting policy, and Ray’s vision of FSCICT (partnership with ITS, representation, engagement).

Ray, Lev
5 Advisory Committee on Research Computing (ACRC) - FSCICT representative
Information Technology Services Planning and Advisory Committee (ITSPAC)

Ray, Lev,
Mark G, Roger B
6 Meeting at different schools, college, or entities. SOM, CAS, SON, CSE, SODM, MSASS, ITS, WSOM, Students & postdocs all represented by FSCICT members. Volunteer for Oct?

7 Wrap up from last year: Policy on ITS support for faculty and related software licensing considerations.

Ray, Lev, Bill Weichert, Mike Kubit
8 Topics for AY 2012-2013:
ITS support for faculty (#7 above)
Interactions with schools, college, entities 
Internationalization David Fleshler
Electronic signatures
Others: Bring ideas, concerns, topics, now and throughout the year. Solicit input from the constituency you represent.

For reference: Topics addressed last year



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