Meeting 2013-10-10

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Final Agenda

Introductions - new people
  • Marc Sturzl - Undergraduate Students
  • Alok Sharma - Post-Doctoral Scholar
  • Gregory Graham - Substituting for Chris Burant who has a schedule conflict
  • Tom Siu - Chief Information Security Officer

2 Review and approve Minutes

3 Outreach - Engaging WSOM (?) next month

Other committees
  • Advisory Committee on Research Computing
  • Information Technology Services Planning and Advisory Committee (ITSPAC)
  • Priorities Review Board
  • Council of Technology Officers
  • ITSPAC Security & Policy Subcommittee position filled - Ray Ku (Law School) [at the meeting Tom said the position was not filled after all], ask Tom S to keep us informed

Roger B, Mark G
Tom S, Tom K

Ray M, Mike Kubit
Andrew R, Tom K


Case Wireless and

6 Prioritization process - quick overview.  Details will be presented next month (Mike Kubit).
Big projects: [(cost > $100,000) OR (effort > 750 IT FTE hours) OR University-wide impact

Mark H, Ray

7 Case Google Apps (email, Now, Drive, etc) security and privacy (follow up from Sept meeting)

Tom S
8 Project ideas by ITS.  FSICT input and support sought.
  • Personal certificates/electronic signatures

Tom S, Roger B, Tom K, Andrew R


Raymond Muzic,
Oct 18, 2013, 4:25 AM