Meeting 2014-03-21

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(Meeting was postponed from 03-10 which was Spring Break)

1 Review and accept Minutes

Ray, Anna Maria S
2 Chair's Announcements 
* FSCICT Chair
* Recorder for Apr - Kate D, Mark G, Sorin T?
* Course Evaluations, Faculty Senate approval of recommendations of FSCUE (Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education)


Other committees - status updates (10 min)
        Advisory Committee on Research Computing
        Information Technology Services Planning and Advisory Committee (ITSPAC)
        Priorities Review Board
        Council of Technology Officers
        ITSPAC Security & Policy Subcommittee
        CIO Search Committee

Roger B, Mark G
Tom K, Mark H, Mike K
Andrew R, Tom K
Angelina H, Tom K
Tom K, Kate D, Ray M
4 Old business (30 min)
Projects presentations - prioritization
    Document Management (See PowerPoint file attached to this page below)
    Digital Signatures
    Space Management

Colleen Nagy

Digital Scholarship (20 min)
Arnold Hirshon

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Raymond Muzic,
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