Meeting 2014-09-11

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1   Introductions 

2   Role of FSCICT (including charge to the committee) as it relates to the institutional community.   Note: Student and 
      faculty members of committees of the Faculty Senate who are not elected senators may attend all meetings of the 
      Faculty Senate. If you would like to exercise this option please contact me so that I can ensure the Chair of the 
      Senate and the Secretary of the University Faculty are alerted and issue formal invitations. 

3   The website is world-read; FSICT and few others have can write and edit.

      FACULTY SENATE websites: (main)   


                                    (working documents, only available to senators)

4       Logistics - Confirm meeting schedule (The Matrix); materials distributed electronically.

         •   I recommend that you bring a laptop or tablet

         •   Taking Minutes (monthly assignment - please see Matrix).

         •   Suggesting topics, agenda items; addressing concerns. 

5     Committee Introductions and Updates

       Advisory Committee on Research Computing (ACRC) - FSCICT representatives Roger B, Chris B

       Information Technology Services Planning and Advisory Committee (ITSPAC) - Angelina 

       ITSPAC Security & Policy Subcommittee- Tom S, Angelina H

       Council of Technology Officers - Roger Z.

        FS Committee on University Libraries - Kurt K. 

6     Meeting at different schools, college, or entities. SOM, CAS, SON, CSE, SODM, MSASS, ITS, WSOM, Students & 

        postdocs all represented by FSCICT members.

        In 2012-2013, FSCICT met with SOM, CSE, SODM, ITS, and Internationalization so we should prioritize other 
        entities. We did not venture into the colleges/schools last year – is this something we should reconsider for this 

7   OLD BUSINESS: Updates on existing projects 
      Priorities Review Boardoverview and summary of last year's projects  – Colleen Nagy

       DuoSecurity Project: overview and progress - Chet Ramey 

8      NEW BUSINESS:      
        Identify Topics for AY 2014-2015:

        Interactions with schools, college, entities 

        Two Factor Authentication/DuoSecurity 

        Electronic signatures

        Network Access

        Others: Bring ideas, concerns, topics; now and throughout the year. Solicit input from the constituency you     


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