Privileges and Responsibilities

  • The FSCICT shall advise the VP for ITS and the Executive Technology Steering Committee on policies, strategies and practices that promote the effective use and management of information and communication technologies (ICT) to support the University‚Äôs academic and administrative missions. The committee shall: (By-Law VII, Item j, Par 2, By-Laws of the Faculty Senate)
    • Establish priorities related to ICT policies and strategies on the campus;
    • Review and provide input annually on the operations and budget of ITS;
    • Advise, consult and help develop guidelines and policies on how to organize and govern information and communication-related services, and how to develop, select and budget for ICT within University Information Technology Services and other technology organizations within the university.
  • The Committee shall report to the Faculty Senate at least once each year. By-Law VII, Item j, Par 3, By-Laws of the Faculty Senate
  • Student and faculty members of committees of the Faculty Senate who are not elected senators may attend all meetings of the Faculty Senate, and may participate in the discussions of the Faculty Senate related to their committee's work. Art V, Sec D of Faculty Handbook
  • Chairs of FS standing committees are voting members of the FS Art V, Sec C of Faculty Handbook